Incorrect Workpiece Selected


A workpiece that does not conform to the relevant bill of material, blueprint, specifications, etc.


The following are examples of incorrect workpieces:

  • Production runs consisting of multiple versions of base product, for which part "A" is selected when part "B" is required.
  • Workpiece that has not been made correctly.
  • Workpiece that is not of the proper design level (revision).


Incorrect workpiece may be detected by observing one or more of the following issues:


Quality, Workplace Issues, Cost, Downtime, Maintenance, Throughput (cycle time; PPH), are all potentially affected by this condition.

Subordinate Causes

  • Improper detection of current model (mechanical or electrical failure)
  • Improper location of stock material
  • Improper revision level documentation on plant floor
  • Inadequate training


Also see Damaged Part.