Glidcop® is a registered trademark that refers to the family of copper-based metal alloys that primarily mix aluminum oxide (ceramic) particles in a copper matrix. The addition of small amounts of aluminum oxide has a minuscule effect on the good performance of copper alloys at room temperature, slightly decreasing their thermal and electrical conductivity. However, it greatly increases the copper alloy's resistance to thermal softening and enhances mechanical strength at elevated temperature. This is particularly true when the material is fabricated using a cold heading process.

The hardness of a cold headed Glidcop® part is comparable to copper-tungsten products, while the electrical conductivity is comparable to RWMA Class 2 alloy. At elevated temperatures, Glidcop® maintains its strength much better than ceramic-free copper, and has excellent resistance to softening. The aluminum oxide particles in the copper block dislocation movement, which retards recrystallization and prevents grain growth.

Glidcop® Al-15 (C15715) is recommended for:

  • Hybrid circuit package components
  • Vacum tube, microwave tube, and x-ray tube components
  • Electrical components
  • Roatating equipment components
  • Electric generator and motor components
  • Bushing springs
  • High power magnent windings

Glidcop® Al-25 (C15725) is recommended for:

  • Seam welding wheels
  • MIG welding tips
  • Resistance welding electrodes and back-up bars (We use for the full family of Cupal weld caps.)
  • Electrical motor and generator components
  • Electrical relay systems components
  • Vacuum tube components
  • Microwave tube components
  • X-ray tube components
  • Hybrid circuit packages
  • Medical device components
  • Heat exchangers
  • Power cables
  • High power magnet windings

Glidcop® AL-25 is designated in CDA #C15725 and is designated RWMA class 20. A material property sheet is available for your review.

Glidcop® Al-60 (C15760) is recommended for:

  • Resistance welding electrodes (We use Glidcop® Al-60 for the full family of Nitrode weld caps.)
  • Solder gun tips and MIG contact tips
  • Welding electrodes made from GLIDCOP® exhibit a significantly improved life
  • Good non-sticking performance on coated steels

Glidcop® AL-60 is designated in CDA as #C15760 and is designated RWMA class 20. A material property sheet is available for your review.

Both grades are available as rod and bar stock, strip and strip reroll, plates and large rounds. Most forms are available with or without an oxygen free copper cladding. Unless specified as “de-clad”, Glidcop® is supplied with cladding.

Standard lengths come in 78" and 98"