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Why Buy a Chiller?

Chiller Cost Comparison Chart - Water Vs Electricity - Production EngineeringResistance Spot and Projection Welding Welding current is the most important parameter in resistance welding, it directly correlates with how much heat is generated on each weld. And the enemy repeatability in Resistance welding is heat. When heat has been taken care of properly, not only will your tips last longer...
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Will it resistance weld?

Resistance Welding MetalResistance Weldable Material It is not possible to state with finality what materials may or may not be satisfactorily resistance welded by one or more of the several processes. The principal reason is that there is no accepted definition or understanding of what constitutes a satisfactory weld. A weld that may...
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Guidelines for Making Resistance Welds

Use only welding electrodes of the specified type and shape and make sure they are clean when installed. Do not use electrodes of unknown material. Use straight electrodes when possible. Only use offset electrodes when there’s nothing else that will do the job. Always check the location of the deflector...
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2013 "Best of Dayton Award" in Machinery & Equipment

DAYTON, OHIO - August 7, 2013 - Production Engineering has been selected for the 2013 "Best of Dayton Award" in the Industrial Machinery & Equipment category. Each year, the Dayton Award Program (DAP) identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These...
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Adaptive Control of Resistance Welding

Increasingly, the global automotive market is placing a premium on the quality and durability of every car manufactured, not just those in the luxury segment. Models in every vehicle segment need to be produced with the highest levels of precision, fit and finish, and structural integrity to protect the vehicle’s value—and...
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