Push Off Tester

Standard Model Pesco-05


  •  0 to 5,000 pound push-off capacity
  • Heavy-duty fabricated frame with 6-inch throat depth and 6-inch x 10-inch platen tapped for your fixturing
  • Hydraulic cylinder with 5 inches of stroke
  • Four-inch diameter stainless steel gage with lazy hand, glycerin filled with shock compensator system, and accuracy of plus or minus 2% of full range
  • Two-speed hand pump – Fast approach and slows once in contact
  • Shielded on three sides painted safety yellow
  • Mounted on bench with 2000-pound capacity painted machine tool blue


  • Six-inch diameter stainless steel gage with lazy needle, glycerin filled hydraulic with shock compensator system and accuracy of +/- 2% of full rangeDigital readout with electronic transducer system
  • 0 – 10,000 pound push-off capacity
  • Drawer for bench to store tooling
  • Tooling for push off of projection weld nuts and studs