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The Luvata P-Cap is a self-dressing electrode that maintains a constant current density across the weld face under typical welding forces. It should be used with either the Nitrode Cupal or Z-Trode materials for the best results.

Longer weld life

The Luvata P-Cap can deliver over 20,000 welds in coated steel applications without tip dressing.

Consistent Weld Quality

The Luvata P-Cap dramatically increases the tip life while providing the consistent weld quality you demand.

The P-Cap delivers twice the tip life with four times the number of welds, all without tip dressing.

The P-Cap uses a constant tip face geometry design for slow, consistent growth of the tip's welding surface. It eliminates the need for tip dressing, and produces high quality welds on bare and coated steels.

As the P-Cap material wears, it rolls down the side of the cap, away from the weld surface. This type of mushrooming differentiates it from standard nose geometries, which mushroom and require tip dressing.


The P-Caps are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and manufactured in Nitrode® (aluminum oxide dispersion-strengthened copper, CDA 15760) and Z-Trode® (zirconium-copper, CDA 150) materials. These alloys have been proven to outlast Class II Cr-Cu and Cr-Zr-Cu alloys.

The P-Cap maintains a constant current density across the weld face under typical welding forces. It does require 90-degree to 90-degree face contact and the use of steppers to maximize life.

P-Cap's physical properties

  • Male and female versions
  • Nitrode, Z-Trode and Cupal™ material
  • 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 13mm, 16mm and 19 mm diameters
  • All taper angles and a variety of weld face sizes

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