Press Welder

Press Welders

Press-type welders are recommended for all projection welding and many spot welding applications. A press welder is one in which the upper electrode and weld head are moved vertically in a straight line and guided in bearings or ways. These bearings must be of sufficient length and proportion to withstand the offset loads put on them. The lower electrode is usually mounted to a movable knee and can be vertically adjusted with tools to allow for different electrode gaps, depending on project requirements. The lower electrode remains in a ‘fixed’ location during the weld process. 

Most standard press welders have capabilities for either platens or weld arms. Projection welding often utilizes platens with T-slots for mounting part fixtures and tooling, while the weld arm configuration is utilized on spot welding applications. Some light duty press welders may only have weld arms and some heavy duty press welders may only have platens. Platens and weld arms are made of copper or class 2 copper alloy. 

Standard press welders are defined by platen dimensions which may vary based on manufacturer: 

  • Size 1 press welder has 6” x 6” platens
  • Size 2 press welder has 7” x 7” platens
  • Size 3 press welder has 8” x 8” platens
  • Size 4 press welder has 9” x 9” platens

There is a wide range of throat depths and electrode openings on standard press welders. Throat depths generally range from 12”- 36” and electrode openings generally range from 6” - 18” depending on application requirements. Throat depth is the distance from the centerline of the electrodes to the face of the welder frame. 

Weld force in a press welder can be generated by an air cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, air over oil cylinder, electric servo cylinder, or servo pneumatic cylinder. Each application determines which cylinder is best suited, but air cylinders are by far the most commonly used. 

A low inertia weld head mounted on a low friction bearing way allows for “fast follow-up” in projection welding and produces the best weld quality. 

On our equipment we provide the appropriately sized transformer and control, as needed, for each application. BF Entron controls are well suited for all AC, DC, or MFDC press welders. Any other standard control brands (WTC, Medar, Miyachi, Unitrol, etc.) can also be readily supplied to meet your specific plant weld control specifications. We help you determine which control is best for your application. 

Each welder comes complete with all necessary air line components, including: valves, filter, lubricator, pressure gauge, and adjustable flow control regulator. Appropriate water circuits are provided throughout the welder. A shrouded foot switch is supplied if requested. 

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