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Resistance Weld Supplies - Electrodes, Holders, Adapters, Shanks, Caps, Weld arms

  • Tuffaloy Products complete catalog 
  • CMW complete catalog 
  • Tipaloy complete catalog 
  • Luvata resistance welding caps 
  • Centerline complete catalog 
  • Custom Designed Electrodes & Tooling
  • Nut welding heads (GH series), stud welding heads, and nut locating pins
  • Seam Weld Wheels – blanks or machined to print

Resistance Welding Controls

  • Entron EN1001 & WS series AC controls
  • BF Entron AC & MFDC controls
  • Miyachi STA series AC, & IS series MFDC
  • WTC & Medar both AC & MFDC
  • Unitrol AC controls with ‘Soft Touch’ option available

Water Chillers

  • Koolant Koolers, Schreiber, Dimplex, Unitrol - full line of chilling equipment
  • Dynaflux recirculators

Weld Cables & Shunts - Air cooled, Water cooled, Braided cables, or Laminated leaf shunts

  • Quality Control & Set-up Assistance
  • Force Gauges (hydraulic or electronic), Push-off Tester, Current Analyzers, Data Collectors
  • Electrode Dressers – manual or pneumatic

Resistance Welding Machine Components

  • ACP weld cylinders & Savair weld guns
  • Roman weld transformers – (new or rebuilt)
  • MPC water flow indicators and cooling water manifolds
  • Dengensha Nut & Stud feeding systems

Resistance Welding Copper & Refractory Metals

  • RWMA Copper Alloys: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 (round, rectangular, plate)
  • Elkonite® 10W3, 30W3, Tungsten Copper, TC20 Tungsten Carbide, Anviloy®1150, Molybdenum