Metal Forming Applications

Production Engineering supplies advanced silicon nitride, zirconia, alumina and silicon carbide ceramic solutions for diverse metal forming applications, utilizing their outstanding engineering properties.

International Syalons manufacture a range of silicon nitride and sialon and zirconia advanced ceramic products for various metal forming applications, including weldingextrusion and metal cutting.

The harsh conditions in metal forming applications require a ceramic pin to possess excellent mechanical strength and toughness. It also imperative that ceramic pins be wear and corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and thermal stability. Syalon and Zircalon ceramics meet these requirements and are available in a range of products including

Syalon 101 and Zircalon are firmly established in the resistance welding sector, particularly as weld location pins for welding captive nuts to body panels in automotive and commercial vehicle assembly. We manufacture a vast range of standard weld pins.