Remanufactured Welders

Following is our process overview for remanufacturing an old welder. We completely disassemble the machine. The welder frame is sandblasted and prepared for paint. Any unnecessary holes in the frame are plugged, welded closed, and blended for a finished appearance. The machine frame and components are painted to the customer's specifications.

Secondary Weld Circuit

The entire secondary circuit is completely restored to near-new condition with all electrical contact surfaces cleaned or machined for maximum weld current transfer. All insulation is checked and replaced if needed.

Air System

The weld cylinder is dismantled, evaluated for wear, completely rebuilt, and thoroughly tested. Directional air valves, air lines, and pneumatic components are replaced with new if needed

Cooling System

The old cooling system is completely removed and replaced with new color coded manifolds, water lines, fittings, water-flow switches (if used). We performance test every rebuilt cooling system with a high-flow water chiller to ensure there are no leaks or blockages in water passage ports.

Electrical System

We begin this process by removing the complete electrical system. If the weld control is to be reused, it undergoes a thorough testing procedure to prove all functions are working. We recommend a suitable new weld control if warranted. Primary-to-ground and primary-to-secondary insulation testing of the welding transformer is performed on the bench. Water passageways of the welding transformer are checked and opened for maximum water-flow. All new wiring is installed and secured in place to ensure that the welder is fully functional and electrically sound.

Mechanical System

Every mechanical connection is disassembled. We remove and replace all bearings and wear components. All machine shop operations are performed in-house by trained machinists.

Machine Reassembly

Each machine is reassembled consistent with industry standards and specifications. There are no shortcuts performed on any tasks. We use only the highest quality components and hardware so that your satisfaction is complete!

Machines that we rebuild

Any brand of rocker arm welder, press welder, and seam welder qualify. We also rebuild most multi-spot welders and custom weld stations.

Options (as needed):

  • Install new weld control
  • Install new weld transformer
  • New air cylinder
  • New welder arms
  • New electrode holders
  • Convert your A.C. welder into mid-frequency D.C. welder (M.F.D.C.)
  • Redesign or remanufacture your existing tooling

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