Weld Arms

Class 2 spot welding machine arms made by Tuffaloy reduce set up time and give longer life. 

Electrode holder shanks can be attached to these arms from the front by bolting the cap over them, this means no extra clearance is required between the arms to allow running a shank up (or down) into a hole in the arm. It makes the insertion of Tuffaloy multiple-welding holders much easier. 

One of the most common failures of welding arms is the destruction of the bolt hole threads due to the relatively soft copper involved. Tuffaloy arms have a transverse steel bar insert in which the bolt hole threads are cut, dramatically improving thread life. 

Standard arm configurations are shown in the table. Special arms are also available. 

Welder Arms

Arm Diameter (A)Hole Diameter (B)Arm Length (C)DescriptionPart #
2” 1” 12” SH-7320-1 630-7321
2” 1” 16” SH-7320-2 630-7322
2” 1” 20” SH-7320-3 630-7323
2-1/2” 1-1/4” 12” SH-7320-4 630-7324
2-1/2” 1-1/4” 16” SH-7320-5 630-7325
2-1/2” 1-1/4” 20” SH-7320-6 630-7326
3” 1-1/2” 12” SH-7320-7 630-7327
3” 1-1/2” 16” SH-7320-8 630-7328
3” 1-1/2” 20” SH-7320-9 630-7329

*These diameters will be supplied unless otherwise specified.