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Pneumatic electrode tip dresser


Our line of electrode dressers has been producing cost saving for over 30 years. We can extend the life of your expensive copper electrodes by returning them back to their original shape, saving you not only the cost of the electrode, but the expensive labor and downtime it takes to change electrodes!

We can provide a wide range of styles and shaped cutters for both standard and special electrodes, our blades will satisfy almost any dressing need. We know what works and how best to accomplish your dressing requirements.

Browse our site to find the blades or assemblies suited to your application, or select a robot/manual dresser or table dressing machine to meet the demand for a more automated solution. We also stock several selected tools that will help to increase your productivity.

Pneumatic electrode dresser: YNR-8F

Dresser Pneumatic Electrode Dresser YNR 8F - Production Engineering

Air Inlet ThreadTorque - N m (ft/lbs)Free Speed
1/4" NPT 4.2 (3.11) 1400 rpm
Load Air - l/min(ft3/min) Overall Length mm (in) Weight - kg (lb)
400 (14.1) 257 (10.1) 1.21 (2.7)
Height - mm (in) Spindle Offset - mm (in) Air Pressure - MPa (lb/in2)
19.5 (0.8) 24.0 (0.9) 0.6 (85)
  Air Hose Size - mm (in)  
  9.5 (3/8)  
Tuffaloy electrode dresser
To remove mushroomed nose material on a pair of tips 4 or 5 RW size, having pointed or dome doses. Other nose design dressers avaliable on special order. Dresser, Part No. 601-0102; Dresser Cutter, Part No. 601-0103.