About WeldHelp

The Auto Body Consortium (ABC, Inc.), in partnership with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Advanced Technology Program (ATP), is developing challenging and innovative technologies and creating opportunities for U.S. industry in new, world-class products, services, and industrial processes. ABC's Intelligent Resistance Welding (IRW) Program, of which the WeldHelp team is a part, is developing technologies and systems to improve the quality and consistency of resistance welding.

WeldHelp Team:

  • Jerry Brown....General Motors Corporation
  • Wayne Cai....Lamb Technicon
  • Nigel Clay (Chairman)....Ford Motor Company
  • Bill Faitel....Lamb Technicon
  • David Johnson....Medar
  • Tom Morrissett....Daimler-Chrysler
  • Stan Rutkowski....Roman Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Ron Thorne....Tower Automotive
  • Nancy Vlahakis....ERIM-Center for Electronic Commerce

Early team members:

  • Umit Bilge....General Motors Corporation
  • Stephaine Cardinal....Lobdell-Emery
  • Brian Fromm....Progressive Tool & Industries Company
  • Troy Weber....Lobdell-Emery