Bench Controls without Valve Output

The EN2150 Series Control is a microprocessor-based resistance welding control equipped with dual schedule, dual heat, with positive or negative Half Cycle feature. Initiation of two different weld schedules (Squeeze, Weld, Hold, and Percent Current) are available on separate initiation inputs.


  • Two Schedules
  • Weld Control Relays
  • End of Sequence Output
  • Dual Weld Programming
  • Easily Programmed
  • Programmable for Half Cycle Operation and Polarity Reverse:
    • Half Cycle Positive Initiation
    • Half Cycle Negative Initiation
    • Alternate Half Cycle Program


  • Rotary Input Board – allows for manual adjustment of weld current


  • Spot Sequence
  • Dual Weld/Dual Current
  • LED Status Indicators
  • All functions displayed simultaneously