Mid Frequency Inverter Constant Current Controls

The EN1701 Control is an integrated timer/controller/inverter system for mid frequency resistance welding.

No Longer manufactured – see IPAK


  • 24 VDC flexible I/O (19 in/16 out); some mapable between weld functions, events and simple I/O sequences and remote PLC I/O
  • Dual Gun Stepper with Presets and Tip Dress Counter
  • Diverse schedule capabilities provide maximum application versatility
  • 4-20 mA or 0-10 V analog inputs and outputs provided for pressure sensing and control
  • Two 0-10V analog inputs (Sequencer)
  • Control adjusts current output every millisecond
  • When optional secondary coil is used, secondary amps are directly displayed
  • Primary current sensors built in
  • High, Low and Pre limits
  • Results of last weld available immediately
  • Detachable 4x20 LCD Programming Pendant (RPP1) with data backup
  • ENLINK 1701


  • Networking – two adapter card options: Ethernet/Modbus or EtherNet/IP
  • Integrated Pressure Sense and Control
  • Water Flow Switch
  • Communication Services Controller (CSC) Option


  • Millisecond control of weld time
  • Spot, Pulsation or Seam Sequence
  • RS232 Port
  • Programmable options: Slope, Preheat, Quench, Temper, Postheat
  • Linked Programs
  • External Schedule Select
  • Event and Error Outputs
  • 64 Programs/Schedules
  • Repeat / Non-Repeat
  • Earth Leakage Detection with Shunt Trip Breaker
  • Isolation Contactor Timer
  • Single/Dual Gun
  • Programming in phase angle, kA or %
  • Measurement Log
  • I/O Sequencer
  • Program Select
  • Retraction