Remote Data


Entron Remote Data Harness - Production Engineering

The RDH (Remote Data Harness) option is an open accessory port into the control from the outside which can expand the use of an existing ENTRON Control.


  • Can be added to any EN1000, EN1001 or EN1003 Series Control
  • Mounting positions available in "B", "C", "S", "E", "T/D" or "LS/LF" Cabinet


  • Extends the communication bus to the outside of control up to six feet
  • Required for use of RDEjr. Option and MM2/MM8 Option


Entron Remote Data Entry Junior - Production Engineering

The RDEjr. (Remote Data Entry Junior) option provides a means of programming a weld control from a location separate from the control.


  • Powered by control to which it is connected
  • Useful when machine operator's position requires frequent adjustment of weld schedule
  • May be located near operator when weld control is mounted in inaccessible position


  • Keypad which models parent weld control's dial plate enclosed in durable case
  • Fixed length, non-removable six-foot pendant cord
  • Requires RDH (Remote Data Harness)

MM2/MM8 Memory Module

Entron MM2 / MM8 Memory Module - Production Engineering

MM2 and MM8 Memory Modules are designed as backup devices for any EN1000 Series Control or to copy/download all data from one control to another. MM2 may be used with any EN1000 or EN1001 Single Function Control. MM8 is designed for use with any EN1000 or EN1001 Cascade Control.


  • Very fast backup operation with Checksum Error detection
  • Automatically stores or restores all programmable Schedule and Extended Functions data
  • Copies all data from one control to another


  • Ideal for long-term storage and backup of all Schedule and Extended Functions data
  • Reduces Weld Control programming time in critical areas
  • The Marker Tag is provided to record date, Machine Identification information, and other necessary details