EN6001 Control and Cabinet


EN6001 Upgrade Kit
EN6001-300S (300A SCR, S cabinet)
EN6001-300E (300A SCR, E cabinet)
EN6001-1200S (1200A SCR, S cabinet)
EN6001-1200E (1200A SCR, E cabinet)
EN6001-1200C (1200A SCR, C cabinet)
EN6001-1200D (1200A SCR, D cabinet)
EN6001-1800E (1800A SCR, E cabinet)
EN6001-1200D/202 (1200A SCR, C cabinet, with 200A two-pole breaker)
EN6001-1200D/202 (1200A SCR, D cabinet, with 200A two-pole breaker)
EN6001-1200D/401 (1200A SCR, D cabinet, with 400A two-pole breaker) 

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ENTRON EN6001 Weld Control

ENTRON Controls & Production Engineering presents the EN6001 weld control.

This is the 21’st century successor to the popular EN1000 series known for rock solid reliability and ease of use “the ENTRON workhorse” control EN1000 and EN1001. Reengineered with digital welding technology. 

Comparatively the EN6001 control has more standard features, more dedicated inputs and out-puts and a full LCD interface.

The EN6001 is highly versatile with its range of cabinet options and offering sizes and configurations designed to fit into any installation.

EN6001 Constant Current AC Controls



  • Program Lockout (key switch)
  • Operation Mode Switch (Program Lockout and Weld/No Weld)
  • Error Reset Switch
  • Optional plug-in Ether-net card provides PLC compatibility via MODBUS and EtherNet/IP for remote I/O


  • Low Cost Easier to Program
  • More I/O
  • USB backup Port
  • Schedule Number: 0 to 63
  • Squeeze Delay: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Squeeze: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Valve Mode: None / Combinations of Valve 1, and/or 2
  • Weld1: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Weld1 Current Regulation Mode: Phase Shift / Constant Current
  • Heat1: 0 to 99%
  • Current1: 0 to 60.00 kA
  • Cool1: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Slope: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Weld2: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Weld2 Current Regulation Mode: Phase Shift / Constant Current
  • Heat2: 0 to 99%
  • Current2: 0 to 60.00 kA
  • Cool2: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Hold: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Off: 0 to 99 cycles
  • Impulses: 1 to 99 cycles
  • Heat/Current Offset: -15 to +15%
  • Cycle Mode: Non-repeat / Repeat / Chained / Successive / Wait-here


  • Constant current regulation; Primary / Secondary feedback
  • Current monitoring with high, low, and pre-limits
  • Up to 64 programs (internal or 16 external selection)
  • On Timer Membrane Keyboard with backlit 128x64 (8 lines) LCD graphic display
  • Six (6) inputs and four (4) outputs with output protection on CPU
  • Electrode management functions, including stepping, tip-dressing and preset curves
  • Welding programs may be linked together for complex spot schedules (chained or successive) Refresh firmware through USB device
  • Load/export control settings from/to USB device
  • AC 60/50 Hz welding supported
  • Spot / Pulsation / Seam welding / Flash or Butt welding / Brazing
  • Multiple weld intervals plus pulsation, upslope and downslope
  • Air-over-oil gun operation
  • Retraction – maintained, and momentary
  • Water Saver (contactor timer)
  • Head lock function
  • Phase shift monitor
  • Half-cycle operation (Alt. / Pos. / Neg.)