IS Series mid-frequency inverter

The new IS series mid-frequency inverter resistance weld controls feature closed-loop current, voltage, and power feedback, fast response times, and a wide range of output power - 0.050-80 kA in 4 ranges – making them ideal for small or large, single or mixed part manufacturing.

Packaged in a NEMA enclosure, the new units come standard with a rotary handle and internal circuit breaker. It has a “triple pulse” weld capability which provides flexible weld profiles allowing for three pulses in each cycle. Each weld segment can be programmed with upslope and downslope and may contain up to 19 pulses.

Users can also change the control mode for each weld segment. The fully-featured model boasts advanced force and displacement features unique to the unit including initial part thickness check, weld to displacement, and the ability to set final displacement limits.

Two models are available: IS-800CR with a max output of 800 A and IS-1400CR with a max output of 1400 A.


The Miyachi Unitek IS-800CR/1400CR, which is a highly configured version of Amada Miyachi’s IS-800A/1400A products, is an inverter-type power supply specially designed to be used for spot welding and fusing. Most of the features and functions for these two power supplies are identical, however the IS-800CR provides 800 amps primary current, while the IS-1400CR provides 1400 amps primary The IS-800CR/1400CR can be ordered as a BASIC (IS-800CR/1400CR-Ax-xx) or ADVANCED (IS-800CR/1400CR-Bx-xx) unit current.

  • The power supply accepts 3-phase voltage from 380VAC to 480VAC
  • Welding-current monitoring function for judgment of weld quality
  • Six control systems:
    • Primary constant-current effective value control
    • Secondary constant-current effective value control
    • Secondary constant-power effective value control
    • Primary constant-current peak value control
    • Secondary constant-voltage effective value control, and Constant-phase control) for stable weld quality. The control method can be set for WELD1 to WELD3, respectively.
    • Pulse and upslope (downslope) can be set for WELD1 to WELD3, respectively.
  • The welding frequency can be adjusted from 600-3000Hz in 100 Hz steps in each schedule. Higher frequencies aid in the welding of finer applications. Please match the frequency of the welder to the transformer.
  • Comes equipped with a current-shutoff function, which shuts off current in response to external input (e.g., displacement of the electrode) for WELD1 to WELD3 respectively, ensuring stable fusing.
  • Use of an inverter allows for high power factor and stable power conditions
  • Easy setting of a variety of items through the menu selection system
  • Applicable to inverter transformers manufactured by various companies by changing the frequency (600Hz to 3000Hz in units of 100Hz).
  • Seven protective functions for maximum ease of operation:
    • No-current / no-voltage
    • Over current
    • Temperature
    • Self diagnostics
    • Grounding error
    • Load short error
    • Phase error
  • Circuit breaker with rotary handle is included (IS-800CR: 250 amps, IS-1400CR: 400 amps) 120VAC 150VA valve transformer standard, 250VA optional
  • 24VDC valve voltage: 2 amps (optional), 5 amps (optional)
  • Output contactors optional
  • CE compliance optional
  • RS-232 communications standard, RS-485 optional

Miyachi Weld Control Internals - Production Engineering

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