Smart Detection

Entron Smart Detection System - Production Engineering

"Fully integrated plug & play weld control and pneumatic smart servo cylinder"

The Smart Detection™ system is a plug & play system that brings a range of features to the welding environment that

  • improves productivity,
  • reduces costs and
  • reduces operational risks

And, most importantly, it does this all at a cost level far below equivalent technologies that are purchased separately and that require time consuming and costly integration.

Secondary Contact Monitoring

Entron Smart Detection System Secondary Contact Monitoring - Production Engineering

Electrodes come together under low force and will automatically retract if an obstruction is met prior to the programmed pinch gap.

Full welding force is not applied until contact with the work piece is sensed and in the pinch gap zone.

However if contact (secondary circuit closed) is sensed in the open position no movement occurs.

Contact is sensed via two independent means:

  1. Measurement of the force in the servo system.
  2. ENTRON's electrical secondary contact detector unit (SCM2), hence providing dual redundant operation.

Dual Redundant Communication

Entron Smart Detection System Dual Redundant Communication - Production Engineering

SD System’s servo and weld controller are linked by both discrete signals via Ethernet and via a modbus communication channel.

With risk reduction in mind, the system employs a dual-threaded architecture to drive these channels independently, and the status of this I/O can be viewed using the NetFlash programming software.

Correct correlation of the two is required before any motion can be initiated.

Production Speed, Low-Force Approach

Entron Smart Detection System Production Speed - Production Engineering

With previous systems, “low-force” was synonymous with “slow-speed” which negatively impacted productivity and encouraged the risk reduction option to be defeated.

The SD System’s low-force approach does not require this slow-speed compromise and can be easily set-up to achieve the best results for both risk reduction and production output.

Stack Up Height Confirmation, Obstruction Detection, Programmable Retract, Mid & Weld Positions:

  1. The SD system can be programmed and can detect changes from pre referenced weld positions.
  2. The measuring system can measure to one mil (0.001 inches).
  3. The measuring system can also be use to measure machine secondary deflection that occurs when weld force is applied.

Programmable Weld Force & Cylinder Speed:

SD System’s closed loop control ensures repeatable & constant weld force throughout the entire weld regardless of work piece deformation.

Detection of a Missing Component

The SD System uses the same intelligence to detect a missing component (such as a missing nut during projection welding) as it also does for obstruction detection and stack up height confirmation.