MIG Welding/Brazing Wire


Luvaweld® customers receive the same wire quality from the beginning of one spool to the end, and from one cast lot to another.


Luvaweld® is continuously cast in coils up to 5,000-pounds, eliminating weld joints.

Fully Integrated

Luvata offers a fully integrated production system providing a direct link to the manufacturer for product support and tailor-made alloys.

Luvaweld® is Luvata's own brand of welding wire. Luvaweld® is a superior quality MIG and braze wire available in a variety of specifications, dimensions and packaging types to meet each customer’s exact welding requirements.

The characteristics of welding wire:

  • Elemental and uniform chemical composition throughout the length
  • Consistent yield strength, cast and helix to guarantee proper feeding
  • Freedom from scale, excess lubricant and surface defects
  • Gauge consistency
  • Quality weld deposits

In addition to welding wire, we also manufacture MIG-welding contact tips and other welding accessories.


Luvaweld® is available in the following alloys:

  • Dioxidized Cu
  • Brass
  • Phosphorus bronze
  • Si-bronze
  • Al-bronze
Din 1733SG-CuSi3MnSG-CuAl8SG-CuSn1SG-CuSn6P
Material No. 2.1461 2.0921 2.1006 2.1022
EN 14640 CuSi3Mn CuAl8 CuSn1 CuSn6P
BS2901 part 3 C 9 C 28 C 7 C 11
AWS A 5.7 ER CuSi-A ER CuAl-A1 ER Cu ER CuSn-A
Electrical conductivity (S*m/mm2) 3-4 8 15-20 9
Density (kg/dm3) 8,5 7,7 8,9 8,7
Solidus-Temperature (0C) 910 1030 1020 910
Liquidus-Temperature (0C) 1025 1040 1050 1040
Tensile strength Rm (MPa) 330-370 390-450 210-245 320-360
Hardness (HB) 80-90 140 60-80 80-90

Packaging options

  • Spools
  • Drums up to 550 kg (1,000 lbs)
  • Sticks in tubes up to 10 kg (20 lbs)
MIG Welding/Brazing Wire


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