S Series Models

This standard closed-loop chiller is the quick, reliable solution for process cooling. It offers indoor or outdoor designs from 3 to 20 tons of cooling with a range of voltage and flow options, making it easily adaptable to virtually any application. It has a digital temperature controller for quick verification, vertical air discharge for operator comfort, cleanable air filters for ease of maintenance, and a brazed plate evaporator for the most efficient thermal transfer available. This unit is a powerhouse of cooling. We test refrigeration, water and electrical circuits under full load conditions, ensuring a reliable and rugged chiller that will last for many years of operation.

Product Summary:

  • Water or water/glycol operations
  • 3 to 20 tons of cooling
  • Indoor or outdoor designs
  • Various voltage options available
  • High pressure option available
  • 18 month comprehensive warranty
  • 24/7 service and support

S Series Specifications and Features

  • Air-cooled, closed loop
  • Indoor or outdoor styles available
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Hermetic compressor
  • Brazed plate evaporator
  • Hot gas regulator
  • Fused disconnect
  • Vertical air discharge
  • Cleanable air filters
  • Manual fluid bypass
  • Fluid level sight glass
  • Seamless plastic tank
  • Remotely located controller (outdoor units only)

High-Flow Package:

  • Auto water fill
  • Inlet water filter
  • High flow pump
  • Options:
  • Anti-back flow
  • Inlet water filter
  • Casters (indoor up to 5 tons)
  • Service/maintenance packages


  • Anti-back flow
  • Inlet water filter
  • Casters (indoor up to 5 tons)
  • Service/maintenance packages

All S Series units include Hot Gas Regulator and Manual Bypass valve.

* Standard Indoor Units “S” these units are designed to run on straight water or water/glycol.

** Outdoor Units “O” will come standard with galvanized sheet metal, a Ranco controller and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for fan control. Units can be used outdoors in temperatures ranging from -20F to 95F.

Additional options include: Units are designed for straight water use or (Recommended) water/glycol.

Hot gas regulator– are included on all units for straight water or water/glycol.

Auto Water Fill – Automatically maintains the water level of the reservoir. Customer needs to supply water line to the automatic controller.

Inlet Water Filter – Blue housing. This kit includes an inlet water filter housing and (2) 50 micron filter cartridges for filtering the return line from the process.

Pressure Relief Bypass – Allows for situations where the system maximum operating pressure may be exceeded by the pumps deadhead pressure.

Anti Backflow Kit – This feature prevents any back flow through the chiller when the chiller is turned off. This option is used in situations where the chiller is installed below the processing equipment. It can also be used in an installation where overhead piping causes a back flow through the chiller when the unit is turned off.

Casters – High quality caster are used and shipped loose with the unit.

Pump Upgrade Pressure – in higher pressure applications this option is selected to allow pressure up to 80psi. 3 gallons per ton will be used to calculate the flow on these pump upgrades.

Pump Upgrade Flow – This option allows you to increase the amount of flow when the standard flows will not produce enough for your application. Please note the PSI as well as it has changed with the flow changes.

Indoor Specifications

Assembly IDModelTonnageElectricalPort SizeTank (Gal.)Dimensions (L*W*H)
SVI20001SG11B0000 SVI-2000-M 2 Ton 230/1/60 1" 10 29*31*50
SVI20001SG11C0000 SVI-2000-M 2 Ton 230/3/60 1" 10 29*31*50
SVI20001SG11D0000 SVI-2000-M 2 Ton 460/3/60 1" 10 29*31*50
SVI30001SG11C0000 SVI-3000-M 3 Ton 230/3/60 1 1/4" 36 35*37*68
SVI30001SG11D0000 SVI-3000-M 3 Ton 460/3/60 1 1/4" 36 35*37*68
SVI50001SG11C0000 SVI-5000-M 5 Ton 230/3/60 1 1/4" 36 35*37*68
SVI50001SG11D0000 SVI-5000-M 5 Ton 460/3/60 1 1/4" 36 35*37*68
SVI75001SG11D0000 SVI-7500-M 7.5 Ton 460/3/60 1 1/2" 60 57*37*68
SVI100001SG11D0000 SVI-10000-M 10 Ton 460/3/60 1 1/2" 60 57*37*68
SVI150001SG11D0000 SVI-15000-M 15 Ton 460/3/60 2" 100 57*60*68
SVI200001SG11D0000 SVI-20000-M 20 Ton 460/3/60 2" 100 57*60*68